Weekend Photography Fun

Mom bought a new car and was going to pick it up from the Carvana vending machine over off of Southwest Boulevard. I thought I’d take the opportunity to stop in at the Liberty Memorial and shoot a few pictures looking up at downtown. I … Continue readingWeekend Photography Fun

My First Photo Shoot

I’ve been interested in photography for a long time. My grandfather had a great Canon camera that he would let me borrow from time to time, dating back to some trips I took with the marching band in high school. As I got older and … Continue readingMy First Photo Shoot

H5P Photo Slider

I’ve been playing around with a several new things related to this site and my photography. Below, you will find an H5P Photo slider that allows you to compare two images side-by-side. You may have seen these on websites showing you before and after views … Continue readingH5P Photo Slider